SANI Cut, Punch, & Crease for Vertical Blinds

AV 3000/4000


The 3000/4000 AV is an easy-to-use and efficient automatic cut, punch and crease machine for cost-effective production of vertical fabric vanes. Minimizing waste and reducing the labour time and skill level required, the machine still ensures a high quality standard with fabric that is easily inspected using the attached light box.

Cutting, punching and creasing in one cycle, the 3000/4000 AV handles vanes up to four metres long, and different fabric widths with a quick and easy change between widths. With extremely accurate fabric measurement, the linear drive clamping measure ensures you get exactly what you set. There are also several time-saving features: the next blind can be programmed while the machine is running, an end of reel sensor and pause facility optimize the process, and the operator can even cut two rolls of fabric at the same time, doubling the production rate.

The 3000/4000 AV comes as part of a comprehensive range of proven Turnils machinery, production equipment and support services to help you increase the range, capacity and efficiency of your vertical blind production.


  • Cutting, punching and creasing in one cycle
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Extremely accurate and efficient
  • Two rolls can be cut at same time
  • Next blind can be entered while machine is running
  • Standard production for vanes up to 4m long
  • Quick and easy change between vane widths
  • Vanes are automatically stacked
  • Lightbox allows easy and accurate fabric inspection
  • Adjustable bottom pocket size
  • End of reel sensor
  • Pause facility
  • Fabric consumption counter
  • Programme for sloped windows
  • Support services i.e. technical support, spare parts, installation and training


  • Current: Single phase 230V (50/60Hz)
  • Pneumatic equipment: approx. 6 bar at 30 l/min

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