Asco Smart Hoist




  • A programmable inspection hoist for roller blinds, shades, etc.
  • The hoist is built very stable by using aluminum profiles.
  • The smart hoist has two linear guides equipped with tempered steel shafts and timing belt drives. The hoist is dynamic and accurate due to a motor with inverter control.
  • The smart hoist can be equipped with a digital read out, a programmable control and a bar code reader.
  • The smart hoist has a small table (which can be tilted), exactly under the blind which has the same function as a window-sill. Because of this table the operator can check very easy if the blind is exactly parallel. If the blind is too long, the table can be tilted, so the blind has a clearance till the floor.
  • The smart hoist can be manufactured for heavy weight, any size (height and width) and can also be equipped with a back lighting on full working width.
  • All aluminum parts are anodized; the steel parts are coated in RAL color.


  • Dimensions: approx. 197″ x 20″ x 200″
  • Height ceiling: 17′
  • Working height: 35″
  • Lifting height: 16′
  • Starting height: approx. 50″ adjustable
  • Length lifting bar: 16′
  • Voltage: 208 V 60 Hz


  • Stable frame built of steel and aluminum tubes and prepared for mounting on the floor and against a wall or connected to the ceiling.
  • Light table top which can be tilted at a level of35″ from the floor. This table is used to check the drop length and the horizontal level of the bottom part of the blind. For blinds with a drop over
  • 155″ the table top can be tilted.
  • Two vertical lifting profiles running on both sides of the hoist over a guiding system with tempered steel shafts and synchronous driven by timing-belts and a dynamic gear motor with inverter control. The construction is provided with a central shaft with encoder control.
  • An aluminum lifting bar with a length of 16′. The parallel mounted guidings and carriages are attached to the front side of the hoist construction.
  • An electric driven hoist by means of a gear motor with inverter control, operation panel with push button control, safety switches, etc.
  • Automatic return to starting height by means of a push button.
  • Excluding installation and brackets for mounting on the lifting bar


  • An aluminum lifting bar with a length of 16′ which is equipped with a very accurate guiding profile with tempered steel shafts and 2 adjustable carriages. Each carriage is provided with a quick clamping device and a disk with capacity for 8 different brackets so it is easy and comfortable to change.
  • A control cabinet with operation panel located in front of the inspection hoist including programmable control (PLC) for all the functions, programmable control for lifting bar, keyboard and touch screen display, automatic calibration, RS 232 connection for barcode reader, etc.

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