Asco Automatic Length and Cross Cutting Table


Fully programmable, multi axis controlled, cutting table with programmable slitters for the automatic cutting of made-to-measure blinds and awnings. After entering the order data the complete cutting program will be calculated and sent to the machine. Max capacity: 800 roller blinds or 150 awnings per day

An automatic length and cross cutting table is always built to the customer’s needs, therefore many options are available.


  • Cutting dimensions maximum 350 x 600 cm.
  • Stable steel frame with smooth and hard wearing tabletop
  • Winding off system for big rolls with edge control, loop system, and rewinding motor.
  • Cross cutting system with a rotating knife or ultrasonic cutter.
  • Up to 4 independently controlled and fully integrated ultrasonic length cutters
  • Advanced software to process a number of orders with different sizes fully automatic.
  • Pneumatic fabric clamp for holding the fabric during cutting
  • Fully programmable, high speed pulling system for pulling fabric onto the table
  • Electric lifting table for stacking panels up to 30 cm
  • Air cushion system
  • Integrated rolling-up unit
  • Machine dimensions depend on cutting dimensions and options


  • Power Supply 208/230V
  • 50/60Hz
  • 6 Bar Air Supply

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